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[S2E10] Lost And Found

"So...last we left off: The Mighty Nein had been making their rounds in the city of Zadash: seeking opportunities, information...kind of getting their bearings amongst the various townsfolk, streets, and what goings-on there are. Getting updates from town criers wandering through the roads. Speaking with individuals going into bathhouses, where you met up with your fantastic long-lost Barbarian, Yasha, coming to join alongside you guys in your exploits.

[S2E10] Lost and Found

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After Mollymauk viciously mocks the phase spider to death, the party loots the nearby bodies. They heal and free the halfling, Thed, from the webbing. Thed gives Beau information on where to find The Gentleman, but makes the entire group swear that they never saw nor met him. Caleb takes Jester aside and gives her 100 gold that he found among the bodies as an apology for his grumpy behavior toward her. Jester takes the money, but promises that she'll use it for both of them. She also apologies to Caleb for her ignorance.

Nevertheless, the law enforcement officers of Patience and Jessup are forced to team up on the case until a killer is found. With the autopsy settled, Harry demands that the Galvan/Powell corpse be removed from his presence, lest he be painfully reminded of the fact that he will die one day. His existential crisis is further underscored by a flat-out refusal to deliver pain medication to Gerard (John Innes), the dying old man we first met at the health clinic back in Season 1. Besides, there are more important matters to address like who the hell keeps stealing Harry's yogurts out of the break room refrigerator?! Looking at you, Ellen...

He goes to the farm and partakes in some fresh udder juice (his thirst for milk rivals that of Homelander), wondering why humans eat cows for sustenance. The baby alien shows up, but Harry cannot make a move as the farmer is already back and shooing it away. Nevertheless, Harry pursues the newborn into the woods and up to the abandoned mine into which Bobby Smallwood disappeared at the start of the episode. Harry come all the way up to the entrance, but does not go inside. Sensing the profound tragedy of the place, he vacates the area, still unable to place his life in danger after his close brush with the Grim Reaper in the midseason finale.

Elsewhere, the boat and van used by the dead members of the Galvan/Powell Group are found by Mike, Liv, and Torres. Calling on her connections to the New York Police Department, Torres discovers that the two men on the lake (the guys who were attacked and eaten by the newly-hatched baby alien) were two ex-con hitmen with ties to the mob.

Episode 10 takes a quick break from all the alien and murder storylines with a tender look at the budding relationship between D'Arcy and Elliott (Justin Rain), who are getting pretty serious. Elliott takes his new girlfriend to his place of work, a real estate development site that unearthed Indigenous artifacts. Elliott's agency was brought to the land in an effort to preserve these important items that would otherwise be lost to time and contribute to the ongoing erasure of Native American history in the United States. D'Arcy ends up staying at Elliott's place for the night and nearly leaves at first light before realizing that her days of one-night stands are a thing of the past.

So what is there to say about our long awaited episode that hasn't already been shared while I was out of the office? Well, I really can't say since I just watched the episode last night and listened to our buddies Preston and Steve and their Thursday Podcast to see what I missed. So I'll just share what I found very intriguing, and anyone else can feel free to chime in with whatever they may have discovered.

So, this was the EKO flashback episode. And, many have been gossiping and theorizing that he would somehow be linked to the Nigerian Drug Smugglers and the yellow plane (yes I said yellow! more on that in a bit) found crashed in the trees of the jungle on Fantasy Island... (well they were right!) The same plane that brought Boone to his ultimate end and brought a whole bunch of questions about our buddy John Locke. But it was also the same plane that Sayid and Charlie conveniently came across in their search for the black smoke (in the season 1 finale) and Claire's baby. To our knowledge Charlie snatched up "one" of the Virgin Mary statues jam packed with heroin, a favorite pastime of the has been rocker. Eko has a friendly chat with Claire...they discuss Eko's "Jesus Stick" (kudos to Charlie for that gem! more on the stick in a bit) which leads to the unveiling of the Virgin Mary statue....a fight between Claire and Charlie, and a whirlwind adventure for the unlikely duo of Eko and Charlie.

Say it isn't so! Cousin Marvin and the marsh are in trouble - again! Something is stopping the water upstream and now marsh has no steady source of water and it dried up. Nooo! Without the stream water, animals have to move on in search of food. Nature Cat and his pals investigate and find... Ronald?! It seems that Ronald has built a huge water slide that is blocking the stream and he refuses to move it! It's up to Nature Cat and his pals to convince Ronald to do the right thing and save the marsh! / Granny Bunny has a wintery surprise for Daisy and her pals. All they need to do is meet her at the top of the really big hill in Sunset Park but getting there is not so easy! They have freezing cold temperatures to deal with, deep snow to get over and icy mountainsides to climb. When all seems lost, and our gang feels like they cannot go on because of the elements, they get inspiration and ideas from a few unlikely animals!

According to the Greek philosopher Plato, the lost continent of Atlantis was once home to an advanced civilization before it was destroyed in a cataclysm. But was Plato's story merely a myth? Or did Atlantis really exist? For centuries, archaeologists have tried to uncover evidence to prove that this legend is true. Will Atlantis finally be re-discovered, perhaps by employing modern technology? Or will this lost civilization remain...UnXplained? 041b061a72


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