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well, I absolutely loved finland. I visited a year later after having toured Norway Sweden and Denmark which are beautiful, but as an american you certainly get the vibe that these are very homogenous countries, and they just ooze perfection, each in their own way. In finland you get the scandinavian impression, but mixed with folks that are not full of it, and aware that they are a bit different, as a people, in appearance, in the history of being between 2 different cultures (scand. + russian) and of course their ultra obscure language which it seems like the only foreigners who have the patience to become fluent in are russians!! all this gives you the sense of a beautiful country which is actually populated with real people, warts and all, kinda like the old memory was going to an historic public wood fired sauna bathhouse in helsinki, and right there in the lobby is a huge chest deep freezer which is there so the clientele can bring their six-packs of beer from the store round the corner and put them on ice while they work their way thru the six beers during their sauna!! If that ran out, they just walked round the corner and got more beer wearing their towel!!

The story is all too familiar. Weiner, the proud, forceful, outspoken 46-year-old Democratic Congressman from New York, had been having internet sex chats with women who had befriended him via social media. In the process he sent photos of himself in various stages of nudity, including one of his barely concealed erect penis. The 21-year-old woman who received this particular photo sent it on, and it quickly became public. This led to a media frenzy, a tearful public confession by Weiner, a crescendo of calls for him to step down, a leave of absence to seek psychological treatment, and, in the end, his resignation.

So what's going on here? How could this highly successful and recently married man allow himself to send sexually provocative photos to young women he had never met? What was he after? Admiration? Affirmation? Didn't he realize how ridiculous he really looked in the pictures he had taken of himself in the locker room of the U.S. Congress? Was Donald Trump right when he called Weiner "a psycho"?


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