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Buy Tickets For Arsenal Game

Arsenal play their matches at Emirates Stadium in north London, and can accommodate over 60,000 fans. While Londoners make up the majority of the crowds, the club also has a global appeal and a large number of tourists regularly attend matches too. Arsenal play 19 league fixtures at the Emirates each season, plus a handful of cup matches, sometimes including European games. To check dates for matches scheduled for the upcoming 2022/23 season, fixture lists are readily available to view online. Below are three of the best online resources for buying tickets.

buy tickets for arsenal game

The only way to get legal tickets for arsenal games is through membership of club. I would advise against online or touts at stadium as u could pay for tickets and when u go to seats they are already taken by legal ticket holders therefore u lose out on seeing game and also ticket non refundable.

I agree, generally rusky buying online like that. on the day you can buy from a tout, also a bit risky as technically illegal. if you are a member.. probably unlikely based on where you live... then the ticket exchange will offer you your best and safest method.. these are usually season tickets where the holder can't attend. difficult to get 2 sitting together so also depends on the numbers you are looking for... how many?

With the FIFA 2022 World Cup, Christmas and Boxing Day games firmly behind us, a new season of Premier League football is already underway - and the age old questions remain. What's the best way to get cheap tickets? Is it possible to get tickets without a membership to your club? And which sites are reliable for buying online tickets?

With the cost of living crisis and Christmas spending lurking like a ghost in Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, the team know that every penny counts this year. That's why we endeavour to help you find the cheapest tickets for every occasion, whether it's how to get cheap cinema tickets or how to get cheap theatre tickets, if there's a way to save money, you'll hear about it from us.

For more on football tickets, check out our Premier League tickets guide or take a look at our football section. Alternatively, keep reading for our advice on bagging Premier League tickets without a club membership.

The Premier League is often described by its advocates as 'the best football league in the world' so tickets are never cheap, but there are more affordable ways to lay your hands on tickets, and some pitfalls to avoid. At least when compared to World Cup 2022 tickets, the domestic league can feel relatively affordable...

Firstly, be aware that the cheapest tickets for fixtures will often go to club members at face value. This varies from club to club but tends to be between 40-80 in the Premier League for basic non-hospitality tickets.

If you don't have a membership but want to attend a game, you may have to go via re-sale sites. These inflate the price slightly in a bid to make a profit, but you don't have to pay a membership fee to secure your tickets. Hence, if you're going to one or two games rather than attending regularly, the price differential might not actually be that much.

Unfortunately, tickets for bigger fixtures like the Manchester or North London derbies, for example, would see those resale prices inflated much higher due to the amount of attention the games attract.

Below, we've linked out to some key ticket retailers to help you get tickets without a membership. If you do have a membership, go directly via the club. Also, we always recommend caution when using ticket resale sites but thankfully, in this case, all sites have a 4.4 star rating or above on Trustpilot.

Hospitality packages are typically available for a decent amount of time after grandstand seats have sold out. If you don't mind paying a little more, it can also be a great way of getting tickets to last-minute games.

Following England's big win in Women's Euro 2022, we've seen a big increase in interest in WSL tickets. WSL tickets are typically much more affordable than Premier League equivalents, so it's a great way to see football without paying the same high prices.

Herbert Chapman, who changed the fortunes of Arsenal forever, won the club its first silverware, and his legacy led the club to dominate the 1930s decade; Chapman, however, died of pneumonia in 1934, aged 55. He helped introduce the WM formation, floodlights, and shirt numbers; he also added the white sleeves and brighter red to the club's jersey. Arsène Wenger is the longest-serving manager and won the most trophies. He won a record seven FA Cups, and his title-winning team set an English record for the longest top-flight unbeaten league run at 49 games between 2003 and 2004, receiving the nickname The Invincibles. Arsenal was estimated to be worth US$2.68 billion by Forbes, making it the world's eighth most valuable club, while it is one of the most followed on social media. The motto of the club has long been Victoria Concordia Crescit, Latin for "Victory Through Harmony". allows you to choose the best seats and select the lowest price to see Arsenal FC. Whether you're the biggest or newest fan, you can purchase tickets for Arsenal FC now. Don't miss your chance to buy Arsenal FC tickets before they are all gone.

Through our relationship with ticket brokers we are able to offer Soccer Tickets Online readers tickets to all Arsenal games home and away. Note that Soccer Tickets Online is not affiliated with Arsenal Football Club.

Do Arsenal games sell out?Whilst the best place to purchase Arsenal tickets is directly from the club box office at, the fixtures always sell-out and buying tickets directly is very difficult. The is why we use our Arsenal ticket provider so that you can see every Premier League and Champions League matches.

How much is Arsenal ticket?For members match tickets can cost anywhere in between 95.50 and 21.50 for a full paying adult depending on the category of the game and where in the stadium you sit. For a non-member the top price rises to 97 for a category A game although the cheapest price is 18.50 for a lower category match.

How the fixtures fall immediately after Europa League group-stage matches is always key and they are evenly split this season, with three home games and three away games, so Arteta can have few complaints about that.

They will go into those games on the back of an incredibly difficult April, however. Away games against Liverpool, West Ham and Manchester City all await in the penultimate month of the campaign, as well as a home match against Chelsea.

The first north London derby of 2022-23 will be played on October 1, 2022 at the Emirates, with the return game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium scheduled for January 14, 2023.

Arsenal season tickets for 2022-23 range in price from 1,839 for a seat in Centre Upper of the Emirates to 926 for seats in the lower section, with further reductions available for senior citizens, junior citizens and disabled supporters.

Where Can I Buy Arsenal Tickets?Looking for Arsenal Tickets ? FootballTicketNet is your best solution for Purchasing your Arsenal tickets Online - a Safe, Secured and well known Company with Proven reputation in the Ticket Industry. Join Millions of fans who trust and chose already FootballTicketNet for getting their Arsenal tickets.

Most of the time Arsenal tickets do go on general sale - for the big games the tickets are sold out and not available on general sale - then your best option is to use FootballTicketNet's platform for buying your Arsenal Tickets.

For the majority of games you will need a membership to have a chance of getting a ticket, although it is not unknown for less popular games such as League Cup matches, FA Cup games against lower league opposition, or Champions League group games to go to General Sale (that is to say, no membership required).

Junior Gunner memberships for kids are about 25 if memory serves from buying my nephew one last year, and are equivalent to a silver membership in terms of ticketing priorities. I assume this is so silver members can buy tickets for their children in their priority window (and ensure the family enclosure, which is the only area of the ground you can usually buy discounted tickets for children, is sold out before Red members get a look in).

Ticket pricing varies depending on the competition and the opposition. I would say as a Red member you can expect to pay 35-50 for a ticket to a league game based on my experience of what is generally available when a game goes on sale to Reds. The exceptions are League Cup games where tickets are a pleasant 10 in the lower tier and 20 in the upper tier, and at the other end of the scale, the dreaded Category A games against top drawing opposition such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham, and almost all Champions League knockout phase matches.

The club did introduce a lower band of pricing for less attractive league games at the start of last season, an example being the Southampton game from last weekend. Tickets in the lower tier can be as cheap as 25 for such matches, and the 50 I ended up paying seemed to represent more or less top whack, my seat being virtually on the halfway line, midway up the upper tier which commanded, it has to be said, an excellent view. As I said previously, I think the atmosphere is considerably better in the lower tier, but if you do sit there you will pay a certain price in terms of visibility of what is happening at the far end of the pitch.

Once you have logged in you will have a list of matches to choose from. When you select the match you wish to buy tickets for you will be presented with a diagram of the stadium which will be divided into blocks. The blocks will be colour codes red, orange or green. Red means a block is completely sold out, orange means limited availability (which can mean anything from difficult to get seats together to only one seat left in the block) and green means plenty of tickets. 041b061a72


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