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August Hunchback
August Hunchback

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If your running for office you have my vote. 32 hour work weeks are more than we should be working. 8 weeks vacation should be the norm. 8 weeks which means you still work 85 percent of the year. How is that asking for too much.

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They might go home at 5pm in the American office and 7-8pm in the French, but I am curious what time they come in. My dad comes home anywhere from 4-6pm in the evenings, he leaves for work by 6:30 though, he wakes up at 5:30. He says though he prefers it this way because when he comes home from work he feels like he still has some of his day left to get things done at home or just relax. If he was working from 8:30-8pm instead then he feels all he is doing is waking up to work and then coming home and sleeping not enough hours of free time in row to enjoy.


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