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Manuel Albaladejo Derecho Civil Iii.pdf

Manuel Albaladejo Derecho Civil Iii.pdf

Manuel Albaladejo Derecho Civil Iii.pdf is a document that contains the third volume of the civil law course taught by Manuel Albaladejo, a Spanish jurist and professor of civil law. This volume covers the topics of family law, inheritance law, and registry law. It is part of a series of six volumes that constitute a comprehensive and updated exposition of the Spanish civil law system.

Manuel Albaladejo Derecho Civil Iii.pdf


Manuel Albaladejo (1916-2010) was one of the most influential and respected civil law scholars in Spain. He was a professor of civil law at the University of Murcia, the University of Barcelona, and the Complutense University of Madrid. He was also a member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, and the International Academy of Comparative Law. He authored more than 200 books and articles on various aspects of civil law, such as contracts, obligations, property, family, inheritance, and registry law. He was also a consultant for several legislative reforms and codifications in Spain and Latin America.

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