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Flags Of Our Fathers

After the war, the three survivors return to their homes. Ira still struggles with alcoholism and is never able to escape his unwanted fame. One day after being released from jail, he hitchhikes over 1,300 miles to Texas to see Harlon Block's family. He tells Harlon's father that his son was indeed at the base of the flag in the photograph. In 1954, the USMC War Memorial is dedicated and the three flag raisers see each other one last time. In 1955, Ira is found dead and he is suspected to have died from exposure after a night of drinking. There was no autopsy. That same year, Doc drives to the town where Iggy's mother lives to tell her how Iggy died, though it is implied that he does not tell her the truth. Rene attempts a business career, but finds that the opportunities and offers he received during the bond drive are rescinded. After failing to find work as a police officer, he spends the rest of his life as a janitor. Doc, by contrast, is successful, buying a funeral home. In 1994, on his deathbed, he tells his story to his son, James, and in a final flashback to 1945, the men swim in the ocean after raising the flags.

Flags of Our Fathers

Native Americans flags are a window into a beautiful yet largely overlooked culture. The vibrant colors and traditional symbols speak uniquely to the history of each tribe. Loyalty to flag is something Native Americans have always held in highest esteem. In fact, despite being dishonored by our government by countless broken treaties Native Americans have served in the military in a higher capacity than any other ethnic group in our nation. Through their eyes they see many older flags under one star studded, striped flag. The flags they fly are for their ancestors and their children alike. Long may she wave.

The movie shows Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal coming ashore and stating that he would like to have the flag. Chandler Johnson, commander of the 2d Battalion, 28th Marines, from whose ranks the flag raisers had come, said he wanted the flag because it belonged to the men of his battalion. As a result, Lieutenant Ted Tuttle was sent to find a larger flag from one of the LSTs that was beached. Tuttle, in luck, found a larger flag, and Johnson sent Gagnon to the top with it. (Both flags now reside in the new National Museum of the Marine Corps at Quantico.)

The Flags of our fathers set comprises of 10 4x6" flags from our nation's past. This historic flag set is a great interactive teaching aid for students of any age. The flags featured in the set are the St. George's Cross, King's Colors, British Red Ensign, Continental, Gadsden, Grand Union, Betsy Ross, Bennington, Star Spangled Banner and 50-Star Old Glory. All flags are pre mounted on a black staff. The flag of our fathers set also includes a black base with mounting capabilities for an upright display of all 10 flags. The flag set is perfect for a classroom or office setting and its compact design allows it to sit on any flat surface with ease. 041b061a72


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